Our Partners

GE Healthcare

United States.

GE Healthcare a leading provider of medical imaging, monitoring, bio-manufacturing, and cell and gene therapy technologies. Alpha Pharmacy is the sole distributor for GE medical equipment for secondary, tertiary and private hospitals in Nigeria. 

Bio Products Laboratory

Elstree, Herts, United Kingdom.

A UK headquartered company that delivers life-saving treatments for conditions related to immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders and critical care around the world.

Optimum Medical

Armley Road, Leeds, LS12 2LB, United Kingdom.

Makers of lubrication and gel brands such as OptiLube, OptiLube Active and Vue Ultrasound Gel, urology products and catheterisation jelly.

JW Pharmaceuticals

Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea.

JW Pharmaceutical CORPORATION is putting our utmost effort to de- velop various products based on the concept of well-being of patient, and better quality of life, such as premium dye, Changpon N, JW safe food, low-protein and low-salt diet food for patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency.

Primal Critical Care

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.

A global leader in the field of anesthesia. With a varied range of anesthesia solutions, both inhaled & intravenous, Piramal Critical Care aims at providing a better access to critical care products across the world.

Kamada Ltd.

Weizmann Science Park in Nes Ziona, Israel.

Kamada Ltd. is focused on plasma-derived protein therapeutics for orphan indications, and has a commercial product portfolio and a robust late-stage product pipeline.