Lenus Pharma

Seeböckgasse, Vienna, Austria.

Are specialists in the field of “food for special medical purposes” with expertise in the fields of: urology/andrology, gynecology, IVF and ophthalmology.


Copenhagen, Denmark.

Makers of hydrocolloid wound wet wound care products, dressings, Ostomy, Condom catheter & other incontinence care products.

NOW Foods

Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States.

50 years of providing products and services that empower people to live healthier lives.

They produce food supplement(Amino acid, Antioxidants, Bee product etc), beauty& health, essential oils (Floral scented oil, Mint scented oil), sports nutrition, natural food, pet health, etc.

Martindale Pharma

Romford, UK.

Manufacturer of cardiac emergency products and high quality eye drops and injectables e.g. Inj. Atropine, Inj. Magnesium Sulphate, Inj. Adrenaline, Inj. Aminophylline I.V, Potassium Chloride, Gutt. Pilocarpine 2 & 4%, Timolol, e.t.c.

LG Chem

Seoul, South Korea.

The pharmaceutical arm of the LG Group with special focus on Bio pharmaceuticals, recombinant products as well as new molecules. ART – r.FSH. Follitrope, HmG – IVF –M, HcG – IVF-C, Human Growth Hormone Eutropine, Vaccines: r. human Hepatitis B Vaccines.

SK Plasma

Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

SK Plasma is an expert in the plasma business with over 40 years of experience..

Medical Opthalmic

Florida, USA.

Manufacturers of MaxiVision a high potency multivitamin with antioxidants and Phytonutrients for age related muscular degeneration (ARM).


Located in Hamburg, Germany and known as Pan Pharma. in France.

Both companies are manufacturers of high quality specialized injectables especially Anaesthetics and theater products such as; Inj. Oxytocin, Inj. Ketamine, Inj. Suxamethonium, Inj. Thiopental, Inj. Hydrocortisone, Inj. Pancuronium Bromide, Methylergometrine and Inj. Heparin.

LD Collins

Arcadia Avenue, London, UK.

Makers of Cyclogest, a product indicated for Pre-menstrual Syndrome & Post-natal Depression. 

Cyclogest is available in over 30 different markets around the world and marketed by Alpha Pharmacy in Nigeria.

Mecury Medical

Florida, USA.

Healthcare company specializing in anesthesia, respiratory and critical-care products and services such as Resuscitators, Laryngeal masks.

Pharco Pharma

Alexandria, Egypt.

Manufacturer of inhalation anaesthetic agents (Halothane & Isofluorane).

Delta Pharma

Cairo, Egypt.

Manufacturer of Mycostop oral drops, Ivermectin Tab, Gabapentin Tab.

Narula Exports

New Delhi, India.

Makers of high quality medical consumables.